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Vote for Nathan in the 2020 November General elction 


Nathan Wilson

for Georgia Public Service Commissioner 

Lead by example.

Nathan Wilson strives to live by the example and the motto of his mentor and former Scoutmaster Scott Nolan: “Lead by example.” With that ethos in mind, Nathan has been drawn into the political arena by the naked partisanship of the past several election cycles. Leadership and citizenship should be prioritized over petty differences between those in power. Nathan believes Georgians deserve better and demand better, to protect their fundamental freedoms and individual liberties. His platform, centered around the Reagan republican platform of individual liberty, personal accountability, peace, tolerance, and free markets, challenges young people to rise to the occasion which now presents itself. Nathan won’t use his office to direct your life or second-guess your personal choices. He will empower people by modeling the courage and values he believes makes individuals freer and communities stronger. 

Fresh Young Leadership to Stale Old Politics.

The Leadership Our Community needs

The narrow victory at the polls for Republicans was a wake up call. Partisan politics is not only creating a larger divide, but threatening our republic. What we need is leadership. Leaders that are willing to listen to “we the people” and learn what affects them. You run your life better than the government can, vote for Nathan in the General election November 3rd and have a leader that listens to you to learn how government can get out of the way of your success.  

A Vision For The Future

The fabric of our society starts at home, extends to our local community, and spreads all the way to Washington. Over the years big government has divided us and taken our power to the swamp in Washington DC. If we want our power back we must start in our homes and communities. Your success and ability to prosper is affected by government policy and as your Representative I want to know what we can do to help.


Actionable Issues

No American should have to ask for permission to protect or provide for their family. There are too many laws and restrictions that prevent citizens from exercising their God given rights. Georgians waste millions of dollars each year on frivolous compliance fees and we spend millions to enforce unnecessary codes. Less taxes, less burdensome regulation, and more personal responsibility leads to a stronger economy and a more empowered community.

Americans value hard work so let us work. Let’s build our community by building strong values of hard work and responsibility.



2nd amendment

Americans should not have to ask for permission from the government to protect themselves, their family, and their property as long as they do not violate the rights of other people

Nathan supports constitutional carry. 


Property taxes should provide essential services and that money needs to go only to those services. Too much money is moved to the general fund and spent on stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose in our community. Georgians should keep 100% of their paycheck and maintain local control of their tax dollars.

Nathan will never vote for a tax increase.


Are you getting your money’s worth? You pay taxes all the time for roads, education, and public safety. We collect more than enough in taxes to cover the government services that every Georgian needs, yet we keep raising taxes. And somehow we cannot manage to increase pay for teachers and first responders or manage to fix our failing infrastructure. We need to prioritize spending on essential services and take a good hard look at cutting projects that do not benefit every Georgian.



Nathan will represent all Georgians and make sure everyone understands his votes.


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to build a nation. Change starts with you and your neighbors. We cannot rely on outside help alone to see the future we want, we have to build it together and share that vision and those values with each other in  our communities.

We are all Americans, but we need to come together as Georgians to build the future we want for our children. Invest in our future and elect Nathan Wilson.


About Nathan Wilson

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”  -Robin S. Sharma

My name is Nathan Wilson, I am a 34 year-old Georgia native, Bartow county resident, and small business owner. It is my good fortune to be the son of a former Marine and a special needs teacher and a brother to two sisters. I lived in Cherokee County as a child, graduated from Woodstock High School, and studied environmental policy at Kennesaw State University. I am an Eagle Scout, a Woodbadge and Powderhorn graduate, and I proudly served as an assistant Scoutmaster and Venture Crew Advisor.

Rydal has always been home; our family farm has been here for generations. This beautiful town has always served as my family’s gathering place, where we got together to practice good, time honored traditions and experience the magic that exists when you get all of the members of your extended family together. Those experiences and values compelled me to move home to Rydal after the death of my father and grandfather. It was not only my duty, but my honor to help my mother take care of the family farm and support my little sister as she completed her veterinary degree and started her business.                                     

My experience in Rydal instilled in me the ethic of “Family First”, but early in life it taught me other important values as well. I learned to self-responsibility, to work hard and achieve goals, to be fiscally responsible, and to trust but verify all information. I took these lessons along with the skills I learned as a boy scout and entrepreneur into the wider world. I became involved with Students For Liberty (SFL). While I was involved in SFL and within the liberty movement, I created several chapters of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), I was nationally recognized by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Educations (FIRE), and I helped more than 400 college students attend a “Can Kicks Back Tour” event at Kennesaw State University. I am a graduate of the Communicating Liberty training offered by the Foundation of Economic Education (FEE). I currently serve as the President of the Atlanta chapter of America’s Future Foundation (AFF), the Chairman of the Liberty on the Rocks (LOTR) chapter in Atlanta, and a regular contributor to the Hayden Collins Radio Program and several other media outlets. I learned and grew personally and professionally out there, and now I’m ready to nourish my roots with the skills and knowledge I gained.

I have always felt called to leadership, not for power, but for the opportunity to serve. As a boy, I would mentor kids younger than me. In high school, I mentored and encouraged my peers to empower themselves and become the leaders and entrepreneurs they wanted to be. In SFL, I connected college students to the resources they needed to create the positive changes they wanted to create at home and in the world as well as develop themselves. In my continued service to the Boy Scouts, 11 boys became Eagle Scouts, and 1 Ranger Award, and 1 Silver Award earned by the scouts under my guidance. Those were incredibly rewarding moments; there are few things better than helping others succeed. 

That is why I am running for office now.  I have dedicated several years to educating and motivating people to create positive change within their community and government. The past few elections have shown that too many people are putting priority on partisan politics instead leadership, service, and true commitment to values and ethics. This is tearing our communities apart and threatening the future of this country. We need leadership through action and example, not backroom partisanship. I seek to empower and embolden our community, our children with better, fresh, and truly values driven leadership instead of continuing on the same trail of stagnant tribal politics that only serve a few instead of all. It is time for a new generation to create the opportunity for the best of what is new and the cherished of what is old to thrive together. I will work with everyone to bring our community together and to protect your freedoms so that you can decide the success of yourself, our community, our county, our state, and ultimately our nation.

Join the team to support Nathan Wilson for Public Service Commissioner.

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If you want to volunteer to help elected Nathan to state house 14, have any questions, or suggestions, please click the sign up button. If you like to make a contibution you can click the donate button. Please do not for get to get out and vote December 18th, bring a friend, tell your neigbor. 

Remember, community starts with you, so be the change you want. 

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The special primary for State House 14 takes place a week before Christmas. 









Join the team to support Nathan for Public Service Commissioner. 

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