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Americans should not have to ask for permission from the government on how to protect themselves, their family or their property as long as they do not violate the rights of other people. 

Nathan supports constitutional carry. 

Property taxes cover majority of the cost of essential services, and that money needs to only go to those services. Too much is moved to the general fund and mixed in with other money and spent on stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose in our community. Georgian’s should keep 100% of their paycheck and keep as much spending as possible locally.

Nathan will never vote for a tax increase.

You pay taxes all the time for roads, education, and public safety, but are you getting your money’s worth? We collect enough in taxes to cover the government services that every Georgian needs, yet we keep raising taxes but never increase pay to teachers, first responders more, or fixing our failing infrastructure. 

We need to priority spending to essential services and take a good hard look at cutting the spending on projects that do not benefit every Georgian. 

Nathan will represent all Georgians and will make sure you understand his votes.  

Nathan will share each vote and explain why he voted the way. It is important that he maintains the integrity of the oath of office and fairly represent everyone, not special interests. 

Nathan will also be regularly available in the community so that the community can reach out in person so that he always has a clear idea of what is affecting the district.