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In seven years grass roots organizing and fifteen years with non-profits Nathan has learned one important lesson: Great things happen when people come together for a cause. Our system in full of political insiders and special interest groups that only aim to profit off tax payers. We need fresh new leadership that hasn’t been spoiled and willing to fight back those who wish to steal you hard earned money. 

We need a leader like Nathan Wilson to stand up to the corrupt politicians. 

The Vision

Less than 1/8 of the population decides elections, yet 100% of politicians get to have a voice in the decisions once elected. Shouldn’t elected officials represent everyone?

The strong leadership Nathan has provided to the organizations he has worked with did not succeed just on his lone effort, but the effort of everyone on the team. Our community and our country can be stronger if we just had leaders like Nathan that were willing to step up and represent the voters. Nathan will speak to the people first and special interests last. Nathan will fight Georgians first.


The Plan

First, Transparency: You will always know what you are paying for. Nathan will be committed to regularly updating Georgians on the votes that are coming up and explaining his votes. 

Second, Being available: Nathan will be have regular session that will allow you to meet me and speak to him one-on-one to ask questions, raise concerns, or just get a picture together. This is your time to get access to to your elected official.  

Third, public forums: Nathan will work with other elected officials to allow all members of the community to have their voices heard.